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What You Need to Know about Garage Door Springs

03/04/2015 Back To Blog

One of the most common problems faced by homeowners is broken garage door springs. This requires them to call a professional for help, because replacement would need the tools and expertise of a skilled technician. The process is not easy, and is very unsafe for people with no technical skills. As consumers, it would be best to be aware even about the basics of this part of your door so you would know how to best take care of it and prevent annoying repair and accidents.What You Need to Know about Garage Door Springs

Types of Springs

Two main types of overhead door springs exist, and these are the extension and torsion springs. Extension garage door springs are found above the upper tracks, placed on each side of the door. They are common among residential doors and extend in order to open your door, providing counterbalanced forces that support it. The more force applied, the more the springs expand. The torsion springs on the other hand have a torque to open or close doors. They are found above the door’s opening and they twist and coil when force is applied. Most industry experts agree that torsion springs are better than extension springs as torsion springs are stronger and are more capable of providing support. They can also last longer and made of fewer parts, making it safer to use.

Important Routine Maintenance

By now you may have been already aware of the importance of garage door maintenance. Routine maintenance is also highly important to the springs. This part of your door is under extreme amount of tension, which is why it makes it lighter and easier for us to open such a heavy door. Imagine if they were to fall, the aftermath could be so severe. A good sign that tells you there is a problem is when you find it difficult (or easy) to open your door than it normally should.

The springs, including the rollers, bearings and locks should be lubricated to ensure smooth operation. It is important for you to wear gloves in inspecting different parts of your door because some components are sharp. If you do not have the proper tools and skills, do not attempt to adjust them. Garage door spring replacement is performed by two people, so it’s best to leave it to a professional. As a consumer, the best thing you can do is to regularly inspect the springs and other parts connected to them.

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