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Garage Door Springs

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Torsion Spring Fix

Garage Door SpringsYou probably don’t pay much attention to it as it is high up above your automatic garage door, but the torsion spring actually provides the torque needed for lifting the unit. The opener simply replaces the physical effort which you would apply to open the door manually. What can go wrong with this important component? As the door weight fluctuates seasonally, the spring may actually have too much or too little torque at one point. In this case, rely on us at “Garage Door Repair Berkeley” to adjust it accurately. We’ll reduce or increase the torque and run tests to ensure that the door opens and closes perfectly. It’s practically impossible to predict when exactly a torsion spring will break, but when this happens you can count on us for a quick professional replacement.

Extension Spring Repair

While the torsion springs unwind to release torque their extension counterparts contract for the purpose. They are stretched when the door is closed. Given their operation, the extension springs don’t require lubrication maintenance. However, the coils are at higher risk of getting deformed compared to those of torsion springs. If a coil stays permanently stretched, it will most likely break very soon. In this situation, rely on us to replace the damaged spring. With accurate adjustment, it will work reliably. Rest assured that we’ll run a safety cable through it to ensure that the pieces won’t shoot out in case they break. We’ll install a new component for you in the shortest possible time. All of our spare garage door springs are of high quality.  

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