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Learn more about electric garage doors with the help of our FAQ page. Here you will find the answers to a range of questions which practically every owner asks. Make full use of the details and advice shared below right away.

Will a modern garage door fit my garage even with its low roof?

It is noteworthy to recognize that all modern garage doors are customized in order to suit the layout of your garage. The Garage Door Repair Berkeley experts say that if there is a problem with the headroom, many solutions are available. These modern garage doors can even do a 90 degree curve and sit flat on the ceiling.

How does my garage door increase my property's value?

Garage doors, especially the modern models provide a number of different enhancements that can also assist in boosting your home's value for resale. As Garage Door Repair Berkeley experts put it, it's not only to protect the assets you have in the garage, but it also enhances the appeal of your home.

What are the common cable problems?

First of all, you must be sure you have the appropriate size of garage door cables. Overtime and depending on use and maintenance they may get loose. This can also happen if you replace the existing garage door but do not replace the springs. The lifting of the door would be hard and put a lot of pressure on cables. They can also come off their drum and, in this case, they would be useless.

What are section joints?

This refers to the area between garage door sections. Garage door repair Berkeley professionals caution people to never ever place fingers in an open section joint and pull down the door. Nowadays, some garage doors have finger-protected joints that do not allow anyone to place fingers.

What's the proper definition and significance of R-value?

R-value is utilized to indicate the level of insulation of a garage door. The rooms that are placed above your garage door are often affected by different changes in temperature. It's therefore very important to make sure that you get the proper R-value of your garage door so that you maximize its insulation capabilities.

Am I allowed to add a coat of paint on my garage door?

Yes you are. However, the areas that can be painted are restricted since dry paint can reduce the efficiency of moving part and thus damage your garage door parts Berkeley. The garage door material also determines the type of paint to use since not all surfaces allow paint to adhere. Make sure that you don't paint the hinges and garage door springs.

What's the best way to maintain my garage door?

You can take care of your garage door by mostly cleaning its parts so as to free it from dust and regularly lubricating the moving garage door parts. Always make sure that you use the right parts for the right job. The type of garage door will also determine the level of care given to it. Try and replace garage door parts after every 5-6 years even if the garage door shows no signs of malfunctioning. It's better to be safe than sorry as some garage door parts Berkeley don't often show signs of wearing out even though they are starting to weak and fragile.

Are special replacement rollers required for my garage door?

Yes. Not only does each garage door model require specific sized rollers but they must also adhere to the manufacturer's specifications regarding design and construction. If you have a broken roller, ask us to make a thorough examination of your door's mechanism. There can be a problem with the track or some other reason that caused the rollers to break.

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