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If you are looking for new tips about garage doors, we know you will find these very helpful. We try to put together some of the best pieces of advice we've offered our customers before to give you some informative tips that can keep you safe and make caring for your door easier. Find the best garage door repair tips, important considerations and pointers here for all garage door owners.

Garage door squeaking loudly

There is no need to suffer the discomfort of a garage door unit squeaking loudly. Experts at Garage Door Repair Berkeley say that you can easily resolve this minor malfunction by lubricating the rollers, bearings, hinges, and all the other moving parts. Regular check-up to ensure that the door is working well will make a lot of difference as problems can be prevented or fixed immediately.

Check all parts carefully after a minor accident

If you accidently hit your garage door with your vehicle, make sure to check all its parts after. Some crucial parts may have become misaligned upon impact with the system of the garage door. If the system is not working well, a repair may be needed in order to prevent serious damages and accidents inside your garage.

The photo eye test

Photo eyes are used to detect sudden potential obstructions while the door is closing, preventing any accidents during operation. It is recommended that you perform tests on this system by waving an object in front of the photo eyes while the door is closing. It should be working fine if the door reverses.

Learn how to avoid injuries

It's good to know what your garage door needs and how often to maintain it since taking precautions and replacing as well as repairing garage door parts on time is essential to your safety. Our experts also insist that you follow all safety rules which include avoiding standing under the door and playing with clickers to avoid accidents.

Make sure parts are complete

While garage doors are moving, some parts may loosen up and possibly fall off eventually without you noticing. Our experts from garage door repair Berkeley recommend doing a regular inspection for any loose or lost parts since they have to be fixed or replaced immediately to ensure proper functionality.

Bent garage door hinges should be repaired right away

This problem is easy to notice. You can see the hinges bent. You will also hear squeaky sounds as the door opens and closes. It may even shake. If the hinges are not fixed timely, they will break and will need to be replaced. When replacement is required, you need to ensure that the new hinges are made from heavy-duty galvanized steel which is strong and resistant to rust.

Don't neglect maintenance

A garage door and its parts will last several years to more than a decade because they are built with tough materials like steel and wood. However, it's not advised to be too complacent regarding safety especially if you have an old one. Insidious damage such as rot for wood and rust for metals will cause damage to its look and function. You should have your garage door and parts checked for possible wear and tear periodically.

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