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Garage Door Remote Clicker

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Professional Transmitter Repair

Garage Door Remote ClickerThe remote of your garage door opener stops working when you least expect it. What’s the solution? We will eliminate the problem in the shortest possible time. Count on us for accurate professional repair. It can range from changing the battery with a matching one to releasing a stuck button. When the chip has failed completely or a battery contact has broken, we’ll replace the transmitter with a new one. Our company, “Garage Door Repair Berkeley”, works with all opener brands without exception and is always fully stocked with replacement components. You will get a brand new device matching your electric operator and we’ll program it for you. You can start using it right away and expect reliable performance for a long time to c

Craftsman Remote Control

The brand, which offers chain and belt drive openers, is best known for its 3-function remotes. They can be used for operating up to three door operators. They transmit a strong signal across a wide range for maximum convenience. They are equipped with rolling code technology for automatic changing of the access code after each use. There are two garage door remote clicker designs available from the brand. These include the classic visor device and a compact device. Our company services all clickers of the brand without exception. Count on us for fast repair or replacement in emergencies. We program these devices when installing the opener which they will work with and care for them as part of our maintenance services. 

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