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Garage Door Opener Brands

09/09/2013 Back To Blog

An automatic garage door opener is a great addition to any home because the average garage door can weigh several hundred pounds and nobody wants to be lifting that in the rain, the snow, the cold, and the damp. The following are a selection of companies which provide these types of openers to residential customers, and a brief description of each.Garage Door Opener Brands

Sears-Craftsman Garage Door Opener

This type of opener comes in all three drives: the belt, the screw, and the chain. It also includes both ¾ and ½ horsepower engines so you can choose the one you need for your door weight and size. By searching the accessories section of the Sears-Craftsman department, you can also find a number of important extras, such as remotes, a smart phone control kit which lets you open the door from your phone, an extension kit, and wireless keypads for remote control access. They also have laser parking guides so you never need to wonder if your car has been pulled up far enough ever again, and monitors to check if the door has, in fact, been shut.

Genie Garage Door Opener

One cool feature of the Genie system is that they have a battery back-up so even when the power is out, your door will still open when you need it. During a storm, this could be an extremely useful feature, as nobody wants to be either locked out of the house or leave their car exposed during a storm simply because of a power outage. They come with screw, belt, and chain drives, so the homeowner can simply select which model they would prefer to have. They can be purchased in either ¾ or ½ horsepower strengths, which again meet the industry norm.

Liftmaster Opener

The Liftmaster systems have the standard ceiling operated belt, screw and chain drives to raise the door, but they also offer an additional option which can be mounted beside the garage door, on the wall, freeing up some space on the ceiling for storage or other uses. The Elite Series® Model 8500 Wall Mount also has an optional battery back-up in case of power outages and can be equipped to connect with a computer remotely giving the homeowner greater access and control over their door.

These are just a few of the many choices of models you can choose from when selecting a new garage door opener. When making the decision to buy a new door or replacing an old one, remember to consider many different brands, as each will bring unique features and advantages to your new door.

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